Sofia Varino
b. 1978, Portugal


Current Guest doctoral candidate, John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität (Berlin, Germany)

2016 (expected) Ph.D. Cultural Studies, Art & Philosophy Certificate | Dept. Cultural Analysis & Theory, Stony Brook State University of New York (USA)
Dissertation: "Vital Differences: Indeterminacy and the Biomedical Body"

2014 Art & Philosophy Advanced Graduate Certificate |  Dept. Philosophy/ Dept. Art History, Stony Brook State University of New York (USA)

2014 M.A. Cultural Studies | Dept. Cultural Analysis & Theory, Stony Brook State University of New York (USA)

2011 M.A. Theater History, Literature and Criticism | Dept. Theater, Hunter College City University of New York (USA)
Thesis: "Desire of the Other in the Theater According to Hélène Cixous" 

2002 B.A. (Hons) Writing (Media, Culture & Communication), Dept. Writing & Publishing, Middlesex University (London, U.K.) 


2015 Distinguished Travel Award, Stony Brook University Graduate School

2014 Top Graduate Student Award, Stony Brook University Graduate School    

2014 Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Travel Award                                                                        

2014 Karen Burke Travel Award, Stony Brook University Philosophy Department

2014 International Federation for Theater Research Travel Bursary                                                      

2013 Doctoral Fellowship, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

2012 Horst Frenz Prize Nominee, “A Poetics of Waste” Essay, American Comparative Literature Association

2012 Travel Grant Award, American Comparative Literature Association

2011 Doctoral Fellowship, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal

2009 Best Short Film, Last Kiss Goodbye (European Category). TOM Awards, Shanghai

2009 Best Music Short Nominee, In the Closet. Cinekink film festival, New York

2004 Performer of the Year Nominee. Erotic Awards, Night of the Senses, London

2002 3rd Prize, Underground Poet of the Year Award, Hole Books U.K.

2001 Writing & Media Program, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia


2015   SEA DIKE with Harmattan Theater. Singel Canal, Amsterdam.    
            ACQUA ALTA with Harmattan Theater. Ponte del Diavolo, Venice.                                                                                                                                                               

2014  FAR ROCKAWAY with Harmattan Theater. Tribute Park, NYC.
           Cleaning Abramovic's Skeleton "Visual Artist Read" Velvetpark Reading Series. The Dolloway, NYC                                                                                                                

2012  O mito é o nada que é tudo InShadow Festival. Teatro S. Luiz, Lisbon.
           Morphologies: beginning & end live site installation, Western Norway.
           A Rainha dos Cães/ Queen of Dogs St. Hanshaugen Park, Oslo
           Fieldwork by Joanna Malinowska, Whitney Biennial NYC
           MAR PORTUGUÊS with Harmattan Theater. Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon

2011 Grid Scenes with Harmattan Theater and the New School, Art in Odd Places NYC 
         Body of Time II, Site performance, Terreiro do Paço (Lisbon, Portugal)
         The Call of the Night Poetry Reading, Bar 13 NYC

2010 "Cleaning the Mirror" Marina Abramovic reperformance, The Artist is Absent exhibition, 25CPW Gallery NYC 
          Luck Be a Lady with Maya Suess Live performance, Art in Odd Places NYC 
          Dreamscapes with Harmattan Theater Performance, Pier 64 NYC 
          Body of Time Site performance, Terreiro do Paço. Lisbon, Portugal

2009  Mother, Earth, Sister, Moon by Joanna Malinowska and Christian Tomaszewski. Performa Biennial ‘09, NYC 
           Hospital of Love Film screening, Sick Love art show, Catherine Slip Gallery NYC 
           The Embrace with CUMUL Duration performance (Cascais, Portugal) 
           Hungry Heart Solo performance, Cinekink Film Festival NYC 
           The Embrace with CUMUL Duration performance, Bushwick Site Festival NYC 
           Live concert with The Hungry Hearts. Berlin Porn Film Festival, Germany 
           Live concert with The Hungry Hearts, Junta de Freguesia da Maçussa, Portugal 
           Confrontations with CUMUL Stage show, WOW Café Theater NYC
           Fado with CUMUL Stage show, Outpost Lounge NYC

2008  You Are Desire Multimedia live performance, Pink & Bent Exhibition, Leslie/Lohman Museum NYC 
           Written on the Body with CUMUL Live installation, Hi Christina! Art Space NYC 
           Wasako and the Bubble Girls with Wasako Live concert, PS1, NYC 
           Cumul Manifesto with CUMUL Live performance, Bond Street Theater NYC 
           Live concert with The Hungry Hearts, Storås Music Festival, Norway 
           The Year Maker Poetry performance, Come Hear! Queer Women Poetry Event, Leslie/Lohman Museum NYC 
           The Red Show Interactive performance, EATING THE CLOUD Exhibition, Forrest Hills Wine Bar NYC 

2007 Angereddgug Art film with The Hungry Hearts, Osaka, Japan 
          Live concert with The Hungry Hearts, Kansai Queer Film Festival, Osaka, Japan
          Live Performance with the Hungry Hearts, Sample Gallery, Nara, Japan
          Hospital of Love Interactive film event, Le Petit Versailles NYC
          The Year Maker Poetry performance, Bluestockings Bookstore NYC

Sofia & the Secret Band 
Two-Part Live Concert, Bar Wotever, London UK
In the Closet 
Performance video project, Birmingham UK
Behind the Curtain 
Performance video project, Birmingham UK 

Hospital of Love 
Performance video project, Max Bar (Lisbon, Portugal)
Alpha Speech
Poetry performance, The Poetry Library (London UK)
Phoebe Epstein’s Extreme Dream 
Poetry performance, First Out (London UK)

Silent Night with the Holy Whores 
Live show, Club Wotever, London UK
Kinky Clowns with the Holy Whores 
Live show, Club Wotever, London UK
Goodnight Moon (Erotic Awards Finalist) 
Stage Show, Night of the Senses, London UK
Don’t Look the Other Way with the Holy Whores
Live show, Club Wotever, London UK
Body Moving
Solo Performance, CAKE Party, London UK

Kinky Clowns with the Holy Whores 
Live show, Club Rouge, London UK
Don’t Look the Other Way / Chardonnay with the Holy Whores
Live show, Performance Night, London UK
Trick or Treat with the Holy Whores 
Live show, Whoopie Club, London UK
Your Darling Whores with the Holy Whores 
Live show, Pout Channel party, London UK


Soundscapes & Territories Conference Philosophy Department, Stony Brook University

InShadow Film Festival Lisbon, Portugal

Tel Aviv Queer Film Festival
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival

Frameline 34 San Fransisco International LGBT Filmfestival, USA
Femmescollective Oakland, California, USA 
Image+Nation Montréal International LGBT Film Festival, Canada
Closet Cinema Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 
Queer Zagreb Festival, Croatia
"Radical queer semaine" Montreal, Canada
18th Annual Lesbian Looks Film & Video series, University of Arizona Tucson, USA
20th Annual Reel Affirmations GLBT Film Festival, Washington, DC USA
Queer Lisboa 14 Lisbon, Portugal

Berlin Porn Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
Barcelona LBGT Film Festival Spain 
London Lesbian Film Festival Ontario, Canada 
CineKink Festival, New York, USA
MIX NYC Festival, New York, USA
Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Norway

Festival de Cine De Bogota, Colombia

Cineffable Film Festival, Paris, France 
Barcelona International Film Festival Spain


Morphologies (dir. Sofia Varino, 2013)
Mar Português (dir. May Joseph, 2012)
Body of Time series (dir. Marit Bugge 2011)
The Embrace (dir. Sneed, Bugge, Varino 2009)
Last Kiss Goodbye (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2009) / TOM Award (European Category)
In Your Face (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2009)
Kiss Me with Your Eyes (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2008) 
Angereddgugg (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2007)
In the Closet (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2006) / Nominee Cinekink Film Festival NYC (Best Musical Short)
Behind the Curtain (dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2006) 
Hospital of Love (dir. Tonje Gjevjon, 2005)
Delirium (dir. Iannis Aliferis, 2004) 
5 Senses (Outsiders Foundation, 2004 UK)
All is Full of Love (Swell video art festival, 2003 UK)