We are a global platform for women working in film, video and audiovisual media. Join us! 



Woman with a Movie Camera is a platform for women working in film and video, including mainstream, independent and experimental filmmakers. Directors, technicians, producers, writers and visual artists are all welcome to join and participate, as well as distributors and critics/scholars.

We are committed to increasing the visibility of women working in film and video, improving funding and working conditions, and increasing women's access to film/video equipment, training and education.

Our initiatives include a screening series launching in Berlin and in New York in 2014; a podcast covering work by women film & video makers; a digital database and online discussion forum; and education/training workshops for women and girls to be held at various locations (TBA). 

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Moving Images

We're committed to improving the visibility and working conditions for women making film, video and audiovisual media today. 


Our mission is to raise funds to make equipment and training more widely available to women everywhere; to network and publicize women's video work through screenings, events and social media; and to provide an open online community for women to showcase their work and exchange information about resources, funding and other opportunities.