Woman with a Movie Camera was created in 2013 by Joy Schaefer and Sofia Varino to address the need for more visibility, funding and resources for women filmmakers, video artists and technicians working in audiovisual media. We began with the desire to make video equipment and training more widely available to women worldwide, especially in underprivileged communities. Currently the project comprises a website, a screening series and a podcast. Ou aim is to raise funds for providing educational programs to women where they can have access to equipment and education to create their own videos.

Joy Schaefer grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and now lives in  Brooklyn. She taught English to middle-school students in Paris, and earned her M.A. in French Studies at NYU in 2010. She is currently an Instructor & Ph.D. student in the Department of Cultural Analysis & Theory at Stony Brook University, where she teaches courses such as Sexuality in Literature and French Film, Culture & Power. Drawing on (post)colonial, feminist & affect theories, she will begin writing her dissertation on French- & Spanish-language films this fall.

Sofia Varino is a multimedia artist, academic, writer and producer based in Berlin and New York. Varino is Associate Director at Harmattan Theater, a New York City environmental theater ensemble, and is currently working on a Ph.D. in cultural studies at the Department of Cultural Analysis & Theory at Stony Brook University in New York. Her dissertation project investigates language and indeterminacy in biomedical accounts of the living body. Website: thelivingmachine.com