Harmattan Theater, "SEA DIJK". Singel Street, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Directed by May Joseph. 2014. Performers: Sofia Varino, Marit Bugge, Alana Free.

Far Rockaway is a Harmattan Theater production performed on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2013, at Tribute Park in NYC. Harmattan performed at the park to mark the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy on the Far Rockaway peninsula, particularly Beach 116, on which Tribute Park is located. 

Mar Português was performed in Lisbon by Harmattan Theater. With Diana Bastos Niepce and Sofia Varino.

GRID SCENES (2011) Dir. May Joseph. Harmattan Theater


In Your Face is a music video by the Norwegian lesbian band the Hungry Hearts. © The Hungry Hearts. All rights reserved.

Norwegian Hospitality is a short film made by The Hungry Hearts with Edith Roth Gjevjon, Tonje Gjevjon and Sofia Varino. © The Hungry Hearts. All rights reserved.