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Sofia Varino is a full-time feminist undoing science. She is body theorist studying knowledge production in the life sciences with a focus on immunology and organism-environment relations. Her research on body practices is situated at the intersection of technoscience studies, new materialisms, environmental theory and feminist posthumanities. She is completing a Ph.D at Stony Brook University with a dissertation titled Vital Differences: Indeterminacy and the Biomedical Body, where she examines how embodied and gendered differences destabilize immunological knowledge practices by introducing variability, disorder and uncertainty. In parallel with her academic research, she is a cinema curator and experimental writer. [...] More

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Natural Language chapbook 2017

My new poetry collection Natural Language will be published in early Fall 2017 as part of the dancing girl press chapbook series. Stay tuned!


Interview for the BBC's Talking Movies

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Nov 3-6 Atlanta, G.A. Society for Science, Literature & the Arts Annual Conference

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