Metabolic LABOR / unnatural life

My academic, curatorial and media projects are part of an interdisciplinary practice embedded in everyday activism and a commitment to intersectional feminist politics grounded in wild & willful world-making. 


My academic research is in transdisciplinary body studies and technoscience studies with a feminist materialist and environmental focus. I write unnatural histories of organic and inorganic matter in the life and health sciences, untangling the uneasy relationships of scientific practices with language, technology, politics and biology. My primary object of study is the (post)human body, in its various states of health and illness, vitality and vulnerability, chaos and disorder. More specifically, I am currently working on autoimmunity as a living assemblage of physiological processes and biomatter, and looking at how relations between inside and outside of the body (organism and environment) function to orient the configurations of this assemblage. My aim is to articulate how knowledge practices in the biosciences have become embedded in our understanding of the living body, and how the materiality of physiological processes exceeds, without necessarily preceding, the discursive practices we use to describe and manipulate them.

Research areas: 

  • transdiscipinary body studies
  • science & technology studies
  • feminist science studies
  • history & philosophy of the life & health sciences
  • new materialisms
  • environmental philosophy
  • posthuman and nonhuman ecologies
  • social theory
  • visual & material culture
  • aesthetics


My curatorial projects involve participatory structures and durational formats in moving image and performance. I am interested in a political articulation of how technological and aesthetic practices converge and diverge to produce material, embodied lives as loci of everyday social experience. As a curator and cultural producer, I develop interdisciplinary projects invested in feminist, anti-colonialist, environmentalist, trans/queer, sex- & body-positive forms of activism and social intervention. I have recently launched with visual artist Patrícia Silva the global pop-up project THE OPEN, an experimental multimedia platform.


My artistic research practice in media and performance is collaborative and participatory, involving local communities and using public spaces, recycled and found materials, printing, distribution, bricolage and appropriation. My projects playfully combine video, performance, installation, text and multimedia to devise interactive pieces that can be presented both solo and in groups. I approach these ephemeral experiments as a communal meta-archive never meant for preservation. Since 2010, I have been performing with environmental collective Harmattan Theater, and in 2013 I became associate director for the company.