Sofia Varino is a feminist academic, writer and film programmer. Her research and teaching interests include feminist and queer theories, feminist science studies, visual culture, environmental theory, disability studies and transdisciplinary body theory. In parallel with her academic research, she works across experimental narrative, digital media and performance. She directs the NYC Feminist Film Week series at Anthology, co-hosts the Radical Encounter podcast on iTunes and is associate director at Harmattan Theater, an environmental performance collective. She is a visiting researcher in gender & science at the Image Knowledge Gestaltung cluster and teaches in the Gender Studies program at Humboldt University in Berlin. 












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Sea Dike. Performer/Producer. Dir. May Joseph, 2014                                       Headz. Performer/Executive Producer. Dir. Rob Waiwright, 2014                  Lady Crimson. Executive Producer. Dir. Iannis Aliferis, 2013              Morphologies. Director/Performer, 2013
Mar Português. Producer/Performer. Dir. May Joseph, 2012
Body of Time. Producer/Performer. Dir. Marit Bugge, 2011
The Embrace. Performer/Co-Director. Dir. Sneed, Bugge, Varino, 2009
Last Kiss Goodbye. Performer/Co-director. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2009. (TOM Award, European Category)
In Your Face. Performer. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2009
Kiss Me with Your Eyes. Performer. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2008
Angereddgugg. Performer. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2007
In the Closet. Performer/Co-director. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2006 (Nominee Cinekink Film Festival NYC, Best Musical Short)
Behind the Curtain. Performer. Dir. The Hungry Hearts, 2006
Hospital of Love. Performer. Dir. Tonje Gjevjon, 2005
5 Senses. Performer. Dir. Outsiders Foundation, 2004