Sofia Varino is a feminist academic, writer, and film programmer based in Berlin, Germany. Her research focus is on the unruly activity of bodies and matter across biomedical, environmental, and technological knowledge practices. Her work has appeared in the peer-reviewed journals European Journal of Women's Studies, Women's Studies Quarterly, and Feral Feminisms, and is forthcoming in a special issue of Somatechnics journal on data in the life sciences she is co-editing. Since 2016, she has been a Fellow at the Rhizome Project on Gender & Science at the Image Knowledge Gestaltung Cluster of Excellence, and a Guest Researcher at the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she has taught graduate seminars on queer and feminist theory. Alongside her academic research and teaching, she works across experimental writing, multimedia, performance and the digital humanities. Current projects include the Radical Encounter podcast co-hosted with Patricia Silva, the NYC Feminist Film Week at Anthology Film Archives, and the environmental performance collective Harmattan Theater. She holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and a graduate certificate in Art and Philosophy from Stony Brook State University of New York.



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TALK "A Kind of Derangement: The Pathogenic Temporalities of Chemical Sensitivity" SLSA Society for Literature, Science & the Arts 32nd Annual Conference | Toronto, Canada. 15-18 November, 2018 (forthcoming)

TALK “Material (Dis)Unities: historicizing celiac disease as a disorder of malabsorption in Willem Dicke's Experimental Studies 1948-49” European Society for the History of Science Biennial Conference | London, U.K. 14-17 September, 2018 

INVITED LECTURE NOISE Graduate Summer School, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 28 August, 2018

TALK "Aquatopia: Performing Ecology as Community in Urban Spaces" Interspecies Entanglements panel. "Urban Matters: Material Engagements with Communities and Borders in Times of Movement" 9th Annual Conference on the New Materialisms | Utrecht University, The Netherlands. 22 June, 2018